Young workers – join the strike wave!

Here we publish the text of a leaflet Youth Fight for Jobs has produced for February 1st – the biggest day of coordinated trade union action so far in the current strike wave. The Tories are again attempting to punish young people for the crisis of their capitalist system. Amid a historic cost-of-living crisis, theContinue reading “Young workers – join the strike wave!”

TUC: coordinate action to fight for £15!

Oisin Duncan, Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs The TUC has recently announced their ‘fight for £15 campaign’, in which they call for a “path” to a £15-an-hour minimum wage by 2030 or “as soon as possible”.  YFJ supports the demand for a £15 minimum wage now: this was the main demand we brought to theContinue reading “TUC: coordinate action to fight for £15!”

Hospitality workers – join a union and fight the bosses for a decent future!

For years, hospitality staff have been overworked, mistreated and underpaid. Now the bosses are using Covid lockdowns as an excuse to attack our already poor conditions. The cost of living is soaring, and at the same time workers in the trade unions have shown that organising and striking gets results and victories from the bosses.Continue reading “Hospitality workers – join a union and fight the bosses for a decent future!”

Young hospitality workers fighting back

Elected officer in Unite Bar and Restaurant Workers (personal capacity) Before the pandemic, workers in the hospitality sector were already facing huge problems. We are one of the most overworked, mistreated and underpaid set of workers. Now, following lockdowns, the sector is facing one of the worst recruitment crises. The Office for National Statistics reportedContinue reading “Young hospitality workers fighting back”

Hospitality workers fight exploitation here and in US

Ferdy Lyons, Chair of Unite LE1646 bar and restaurant workers, and Youth Fight for Jobs steering committee On 9 March, hospitality workers in the Unite trade union held a day of action in London highlighting their poor treatment. It kicked off with a demo outside the newly opened Abandon Ship Bar in Covent Garden. ThisContinue reading “Hospitality workers fight exploitation here and in US”

Reinstate Usdaw rep Max! Join the week of action

Max McGee, an Usdaw representative and branch secretary at one of Tesco’s distribution depots, is seeking reinstatement after being systematically victimised for standing up for his members. He was given a final written warning on trumped-up charges for which he successfully won a harassment grievance against his line manager. Yet the ruling was upheld regardless.Continue reading “Reinstate Usdaw rep Max! Join the week of action”

Hundreds march with Youth Fight for Jobs on October 9th – a thank you to all our supporters

Thank you to all our supporters for Youth Fight for Jobs’ national day of action on Saturday 9th October. With your support, Youth Fight for Jobs organised marches and protests for young people’s futures in 15 towns and cities across the UK. While young and working class people have suffered over the course of the pandemic,Continue reading “Hundreds march with Youth Fight for Jobs on October 9th – a thank you to all our supporters”

March for jobs and a future for young people on October 9th!

If you’re a young person or trade unionist, and you want to get involved or support any of these marches in your local area, visit Birmingham: Victoria Square 1pm (West Mids regional demo) Leeds: Millenium Square, 12pm (Yorkshire regional demo) London: Assemble outside Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), 1pm Liverpool: TopContinue reading “March for jobs and a future for young people on October 9th!”

Workers at Pret beat back attacks on wages – protest with Youth Fight for Jobs on October 9th

Joe Waters, Gloucestershire USDAW Workers at coffee shop chain Pret-a-Manger have won a partial victory over attempts to undermine their pay and conditions after threatening to respond with strike action. Under cover of “below pre-pandemic levels” of trade for the franchise, bosses had moved to suspend paid breaks for staff and also cut a performanceContinue reading “Workers at Pret beat back attacks on wages – protest with Youth Fight for Jobs on October 9th”

March for jobs on October 9th

Fight for a future for young people!   The Youth Fight for Jobs ten point programme: Collective struggle for the right to a decent job for all For a mass trade union led fightback against the jobs slaughter, fire and re-hire and all the bosses’ attacks on workers No to mass youth unemployment – forContinue reading “March for jobs on October 9th”