TUC: coordinate action to fight for £15!

Oisin Duncan, Yorkshire Youth Fight for Jobs The TUC has recently announced their ‘fight for £15 campaign’, in which they call for a “path” to a £15-an-hour minimum wage by 2030 or “as soon as possible”.  YFJ supports the demand for a £15 minimum wage now: this was the main demand we brought to theContinue reading “TUC: coordinate action to fight for £15!”

Hospitality workers – join a union and fight the bosses for a decent future!

For years, hospitality staff have been overworked, mistreated and underpaid. Now the bosses are using Covid lockdowns as an excuse to attack our already poor conditions. The cost of living is soaring, and at the same time workers in the trade unions have shown that organising and striking gets results and victories from the bosses.Continue reading “Hospitality workers – join a union and fight the bosses for a decent future!”

Young hospitality workers fighting back

Elected officer in Unite Bar and Restaurant Workers (personal capacity) Before the pandemic, workers in the hospitality sector were already facing huge problems. We are one of the most overworked, mistreated and underpaid set of workers. Now, following lockdowns, the sector is facing one of the worst recruitment crises. The Office for National Statistics reportedContinue reading “Young hospitality workers fighting back”