Fighting for young people’s futures and good jobs for all

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Youth unemployment is at its highest rate in years, and is set to get worse as big business and the Tories look to make young people and the wider working class pay for the new economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. The Tories offer no solutions whatsoever to the deep crisis facing young people.

But when young people get organised and struggle, we can win. Students protesting around A-Level results day last summer forced the government into a humiliating U-turn. By linking up with organised workers in the trade union movement and building a common struggle to defend all jobs, as well as fighting for the right to work for all, we can win a future for young people which includes access to decent jobs for all.

Youth Fight for Jobs is fighting;

  • Against all job cuts. Open the books and nationalise firms to save jobs.
  • For real training and apprenticeship schemes for young people. For a decent job at the end of training.
  • For the right to a job for all. End low pay, and fight for government investment in socially useful job creation. Share out the work with no loss of pay
  • To make the 1% pay! Take the monopolies and banks into democratic public ownership in order to provide every young and working class person with a future which includes access to decent and well-paying jobs for all.

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