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YFJ condemns retirement age increase

Tory chancellor George Osborne will today announce plans to repeatedly raise the retirement age. Osborne unbelievably claims he expects people to spend a third of their adult life in retirement. The current retirement age is already above the life expectancy in many areas. Increasing the retirement age will only see more and more people “working ‘til they drop”.

Youth Fight for Jobs spokesperson, Ian Pattison, said:

“We’re faced with the impossible situation where 1m young people are looking for jobs that don’t exist; many others are pushed into precarious zero-hour contracts, as older workers are forced to carry on working past when they want to retire. We’ve supported fire-fighters taking strike action this year. Their retirement age is also being brought up; well beyond when they’re able to healthily do the demanding job. The Con-Dem cuts, which Cameron gleefully claimed would continue, are only exacerbating the situation. Jobs are being lost, but not replaced, to the detriment of everyone. After long years of hard work; low pay and pension cuts are keeping people from retiring.”

“Young people are disproportionately at the sharp end of these attacks on pensions. It is part of a toxic agenda that is leaving our generation on the scrapheap. At this rate, will young people like me, ever see retirement?”

Youth Fight for Jobs supporters affected by the changes to the retirement age are available to comment.


Youth Fight for Jobs is a national campaign against youth unemployment set up in 2009. We have the backing of national trade unions PCS, RMT, CWU, UCU, TSSA, and Britain’s biggest union, Unite. This year we have been at the forefront of protests against zero-hour contracts with our new under-employment initiative, ‘Are you Sick of your Boss?’