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5th November - Day of Civil Disobedience: Scrap zero-hour contracts

The Day of Civil Disobidience...anti-zero-hour contract campaigners in Youth Fight for Jobs are planning to target CBI (Confederation of British Industry) headquarters, the organisation representing big business in Britain, as part of our national day of action.

Youth Fight for Jobs target
Sports Direct & CBI

Anti-zero-hour contract campaigners in Youth Fight for Jobs are planning to target CBI (Confederation of British Industry) headquarters, the organisation representing big business in Britain, as part of our national day of action.

As the CBI hold their annual conference, setting out the agenda of big business in the UK, young people suffering under many of their favoured employment practices will be mobilising.

Tottenham Court Road tube station
outside We Will Rock You
march to the CBI HQ at Centre Point.

Nationally, targets such as Sports Direct stores are also being hit with protests.

You can find a full list of tomorrow's protests here: ../?p=884

Helen Pattison, former zero-hour contract worker and Youth Fight for Jobs London organiser said:

“5.5 million people are currently employed with less than 3 hours of guaranteed work each week. These contracts give maximum flexibility to the employers, but maximum insecurity to workers. Young people are disproportionately affected by these contracts. The Youth Fight for Jobs campaign is building the fight to put pressure on employers like Sports Direct to end this exploitation. We say that the solution to mass youth unemployment is not cramming people on to zero-hour contracts and into low paid insecure work. In reality this simply hides the problem, as thousands are counted as ‘employed’ when often they have little or no hours of work each week. The CBI have been staunch defenders of zero-hour contracts and little wonder. Freedom of exploitation by the bosses leads to higher profits and further lines the pockets of the super-rich 1%. Tomorrows protest will send them a clear message: we’re willing to fight back.”

Campaigners also plan to target the headquarters of Sports Direct in Shirebrook. The company hit the headlines last month for having 90% of staff employed on zero-hour contracts. Details here: ../?p=884