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PRESS RELEASE: Protests against zero-hour contracts by Youth Fight for Jobs continue

Protests against zero-hour contracts by Youth Fight for Jobs continue

A list of Youth Fight for Jobs zero-hour contract protests is below

Youth Fight for Jobs London organiser Helen Pattison said:

“This Saturday 10

thAugust, Youth Fight for Jobs is meeting at Tottenham Court tube station at 12pm, marching along Oxford Street targeting all the companies that use zero-hour contracts with lobbies and protests. We’ll be going straight into shops and speaking directly to staff about how they can get organised in their workplace to fight for proper contracts with guaranteed hours on a living wage.”

Zero-hour contract and Sports Direct staff speak out!

Former Sports Direct worker Kieran Grogan said:

“My working life started at Sports Direct when I was 15 years old. It was minimum wage and a zero-hour contract. The conditions of zero-hour contracts leave you at the mercy of your employer. No guaranteed hours, no sick pay, no holidays, and no redundancy pay. If I dared to ask for a day off or if I couldn’t work a shift that I was offered, soon I’d find whatever little work I had was reduced or nothing at all the next week.”

20 year old Gareth, who has been working on zero-hour contracts for the last 4 years, said:

“I have been working on zero-hour contracts for the NHS and in Social Care for local councils, for my entire working life. In this time, I have never had a paid holiday, I have never received sick pay and I have never worked a contracted hour. I work pay-cheque to pay-cheque; I do not get any sort of job security or regular pay. One week I could work four or five shifts, the next one or none at all, and going six weeks without work is not uncommon. I have no control over when I work, and can be called in anything up to an hour before the start of a shift. I have no idea when the call will come, so it is impossible to plan my life or claim benefits I am entitled to.

“Nick Clegg and his Lib-Dem cronies have announced that they will ‘look into these practices’. But, the Lib-Dems, Tories, and the Labour Party have a so-called ‘flexible’ labour market for years. Why is it always ‘flexible’ for the bosses, but never for us? The Financial Times said if the we want capitalism, than we’re going to have to put up with zero-hour contracts. If the capitalist system can’t afford to give us proper contracts, then we can’t afford the capitalist system!”

Friday 9th August
Sports Direct HQ
Shirebrook, North Derbyshire

protesting down the road at Shirebrook Market Place

Friday 9th August
meet at McDonalds
on the High Street

Saturday 10th August

Sports Direct

Saturday 10th August
march to name & shame zero-contract employers on Oxford Street
meet at Tottenham Court Road tube station at 12pm

Saturday 10th August
Sports Direct

Saturday 17

th August

Saturday 24th August

Youth Fight for Jobs zero-hour Walk of Shame
march through Bristol city centre to name & shame zero-hour contract employers


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