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(Coventry) trade unions using 'Are you Sick of your Boss?'

(Coventry) trade unions using 'Are you Sick of your Boss?' leaflets to recruit young workers

Even in traditionally well-unionised workplaces, the conditions many young workers face can be tough and degrading. Zero-hour contacts mean that many workers at Coventry council bin depot go to work some days not knowing if there will be any work for them that day!

In BT and Royal Mail, bullying and sackings have increased to unprecedented levels in the last few years.

After a motion from Coventry Communication Workers Union (CWU), strong supporter of Youth Fight for Jobs, the union nationally has decided to investigate the levels of suicide among BT workers - we think heavily due to the degrading performance management programme the company enforces.

Because of this a number of trade union branches locally in Coventry have begun using 'Are you Sick of your Boss?' leaflets in their recruitment material and in local offices to help persuade young workers who may never have encountered trade unions and what they're for, that they don't have to take the exploitation, bullying and harassment - that workers can stand up and fight back.

Lenny Shail, Coventry Youth Fight for Jobs