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No to terrorism, no to racism - stop attacks on Muslims!

The shocking attack on a Mosque in Muswell Hill, carried out by thugs who daubed the letters ‘EDL’ (English Defence League) onto a wall, has been roundly condemned by ordinary people of all backgrounds. Now reports have been released suggesting a fire at a Muslim Boarding school in Chislehurst may have been started deliberately. This may well be another example of a potentially fatal attack on Muslims carried out within the last week.

Just as following the horrendous killing of Lee Rigby, the vast majority of us are appalled and dismayed. But the far-right, racist EDL and BNP – who until recently were disintegrating due to opposition which this campaign helped organise - have taken a sick pleasure in whipping up racism, stoking tensions among working class people and inciting violence against Muslims. Make no mistake; these are racist organisations whose leaders are neo-Nazis. Their business is hate.

The only way to defeat both the EDL and BNP, and to cut across the dangerous ideas of Islamic extremism, is through a united fightback led by working class people of all races, religions and ethnicities. The government will claim they have the solutions. But really it has been the policies of this administration, as well as many previous ones, which have created fertile ground for divisive and dangerous organisations to gain traction. Relentless austerity raining down– all to pay for a mess created by the bankers and society’s wealthy elite – can be used as the background for sowing division. In the wake of these attacks the government way well attempt to further curtail democratic rights – making it harder for us to express discontent and playing into the hands of the far-right and Islamic extremists.

In fact the government is none to displeased if people blame their neighbours for the hardship they are suffering – it takes some heat off their own backs.  Illegal and bloody wars in the Middle East, coupled with propaganda that promotes a fear and mistrust of Muslims means many young people in those communities are left feeling alienated. Combine this with mass unemployment, institutional racism and a feeling of not being offered a future in society and you have a toxic mixture.

Youth Fight for Jobs makes an appeal to young people to direct anger at those really responsible for all this and to express it through united and organised protest. A 24-hour general strike against austerity would be a bold example of this. This could appeal to all those who may be attracted to either the ideas of the EDL or Islamic extremism to reject the politics of division and instead unite to fight for a better future for all of us. The Tommy Robinsons and Anjem Choudrays of this world offer us a dead end.  Instead, let’s unite to fight for society run in the interests of the 99% - not the small, rich minority.