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Youth Fight for Jobs hitting Starbucks on issue of underemployment

Activists in the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign will be targeting Starbucks with protests and occupations this Thursday (21st March), centred on the issue of underemployment.

Activists in the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign will be targeting Starbucks with protests and occupations this Thursday 21 March, centred on the issue of underemployment.

The 'Sick of your Boss?' initiative is demanding improved conditions for young workers who face super-exploitation in the form of low pay and insecurity.

Starbucks is a chain facing renewed protests following the tax avoidance scandal that hit it earlier in the year.

Youth Fight for Jobs activists and supporters are targeting the company's poor employment practices - and highlighting how it took money to finance its tax payback out of the pockets of its employees through attacks on their conditions.

Youth Fight for Jobs spokesperson Claire Laker-Mansfield said:

"As well as Britain's 1 million unemployed young people, it's estimated at least 1 million more are classified as 'underemployed'. "This group of workers are some of the most exploited. Total flexibility is being afforded to the bosses. "The rise of  zero hour contracts means thousands of young people get left in limbo by their employers - not knowing whether they will have work from one day to the next. And with ultra-low hourly rates it's a fine line between being better off in work or on unemployment benefits. Despite what Ian Duncan Smith might claim, for many young people, work doesn't pay. This protest is the start of a campaign to highlight the plight of the growing 'precariat' and to demand action from the government to tackle this problem. Youth Fight for Jobs campaigns for a public programme of job creation, to provide secure, full time employment for the millions of underemployed and unemployed youth whose talent is being squandered."

The 'Sick of your Boss?' initiative has demands for decent breaks, secure contracts, a living wage, trade union rights for the underemployed and against bullying at work.

Protest: Thursday 21 March, 1pm assembling at Oxford Circus (by Gap) to target Starbucks

Meeting: Sunday 24 March, 1pm, Unite the Union Community Centre, Basement of St George’s Town Hall, Cable Street, Tower Hamlets, E1 0BL. (Nearest station is Shadwell on the DLR)

Youth Fight for Jobs was launched on 2009 in response to rising levels of youth unemployment. It recently completed the 330 mile Jarrow March for Jobs. Youth Fight for Jobs hit the headlines in 2012 for campaigning against 'workfare'. It is supported by the Unite, PCS, RMT, CWU, UCU, FBU, BECTU and TSSA trade unions.

For more info see you can contact Youth Fight for Jobs on 020 8558 7947 or 07749 379010, email

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