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Tory Minister lies about 'lategate'

Well rested Tory Business Minister, Matthew Hancock, who overslept and missed a TV debate with Youth Fight for Jobs supporter, Ian Pattison, has lied about how late he actually was. Hancock’s 30 second gaffe is more like Hancock’s half hour.

Hancock’s TV opponent, and Youth Fight for Jobs supporter, Ian Pattison said, “I arrived at the ITV’s breakfast show Daybreak, at 6am, while the Minister was still asleep in bed. Matthew Hancock has tried to claim he was only 30 seconds late, but this is not the case. As Daybreak presenter, Matt Barbet, has said, the Tory MP was much later than that. Hancock’s line of argument is a bit like saying, I arrived at the airport 30 seconds after the plane took off, but they wouldn’t let me board?!’.”

“It’s a moot point, if a jobseeker was as late as Hancock was, or even as late as he ‘claims’, they could be docked 3 months benefits either way. To show he’s not a ‘shirker’, I think Hancock should return the £25,000 (plus lavish expenses) he would’ve ‘earned’ in that time.”

“Youth Fight for Jobs would still like to put the campaign’s views on his traineeship to the Minister. We’d like to challenge him to a debate on the traineeship scheme and the rest of his government’s policies on youth unemployment; any time, any place, one that Matthew Hancock can wake up for. Hopefully he will turn up on time.”