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Stop the EDL in Walthamstow

Keep fighting racism, keep fighting for our future
Meet Youth Fight for Jobs - all welcome
Sunday 8 September, 2pm
Quaker Meeting House, 1A Jewel Road, Walthamstow E17 4QU

Today we have to stop the far-right, rac- ist EDL from marching through our bor- ough. These thugs claim to be non-racist and to only protest against “militant Islam”. But wherever they go there is an increase in violent racist attacks and abuse. It is important that we have a show of strength of the com- munity to keep them out.

But we know that even if we are successful in stopping the EDL today, that won’t be the end of the story. They’ve had demonstrations all over the country in the last few years – no doubt they’ll plan to be back in Waltham For- est or somewhere near soon.

So as well as continuing to solidly confront them wherever they go, we need a longer term strategy to stamp them out for good. Recently, the EDL have shown their true colours and attacked not just black and asian people but also people fighting cuts to jobs and services and standing up to the brutal Con-Dem gov- ernment. That’s because the far-right know that the biggest risk they face is people seeing through their lies about immigrants and mus- lims and uniting to fight the real enemy – the super-rich 1% and their representatives in government.

We’re being attacked from all angles. Hun- dreds of thousands of jobs are being massacred jobs that could have been ours one day. Waltham Forest has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the country. And then they call us lazy scroungers! Boris Johnson wants us to work for 13 weeks, with absolutely no pay, or lose our benefits.

Education is being closed off to everyone but the richest – EMA scrapped, tuition fees trebled, courses cut. They’ve even lowered our GCSE grades for their own political goals!

We can’t even afford a home of our own with rents as high as they are in London. The average rent in Waltham Forest is a whopping £968.41 a month!
The EDL try to claim that they have the solu- tions to these problems. This is rubbish. Rac- ism is no solution, it will only make us weaker.

We have to unite to fight against all cuts and for the right to a decent future for young people.

Youth Fight for Jobs campaigns around the country to:
? Create real jobs, not workfare ? Bring back EMA
? Scrap tuition fees
? Save youth services
? Build affordable housing

To get involved with building a campaign on any or all of these issues in your local area, get in touch:

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