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Finishing off the week in Newport

Youth Fight for Jobs completed their week of action today in Newport after a week on the road, visiting not only Newport but: Llanelli, Swansea, Pontypridd and Cardiff as well.
Youth Fight for Jobs activist Jaime Davies reports on the final leg of the South Wales week of action, before the Cardiff Austerity Games tomorrow.

“We enjoyed another successful day of action today, In Newport. As in previous days during the week, we received a lot of support from the public. A lot of people, of all ages, were coming up to the stall and signing our petitions against Workfare and EMA cuts. There was a clear expression of anger over the slave-labour workfare scheme that would see young people working 39 hour weeks for big companies such as McDonalds and Poundland for example, only to be paid their job seeker’s allowance and with severe penalties if they chose to opt out, such as having their benefits stopped for 3 months. The anger over EMA cuts was not exclusive to young people but also shared by parents and grandparents who had young members of their family wanting to go to college in the next academic year and struggling to be able to without EMA support. We also saw anger at other issues facing young people, such as the hiking of tuition fees and the potential cutting of housing benefit for under 25s.
We were supported by local trade unionists and were able to stage a small rally with speakers representing both Youth Fight for Jobs and Newport Against the Cuts. Previously, we have not been in contact with Newport Against the Cuts and we look forward to linking up and working with them in the future.
Considering the great response and support we have enjoyed all week, we look forward to the Cardiff Austerity Games. The day should be well attended, political and fun!”