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Youth Fight For Jobs Cymru: Pontypridd

Report by Mia Hollsing Rhondda Cynon Taff/ Caerphilly Youth Fight For Jobs

Day 3 of the Welsh Youth Fight For Jobs Week of Action was spent in Pontypridd in theSouthWalesValleys. It is an area where unemployment is extremely high and where there is a lot of support for the ideas Youth Fight for Jobs stands for.

People of all ages came up to sign our petition against the government’s workfare scheme and to tell us about other issues facing young people. Everyone agreed with us that workfare is not just an attack on young unemployed, but on the whole of the working class. As companies get free labour jobs are threatened and conditions are forced down.

Young and old, employed and unemployed need to stand together to fight the government’s attacks. This feeling of solidarity was very clear among the people we spoke with today. When young people fight back it gives courage to everyone, as was pointed out by one woman who visited our stall.

Some young people we spoke to told us about a friend of theirs who had to leave her young child to work in a pet shop 5 days per week in exchange for her dole, and how she was really struggling to afford the bus fare. Another young person told us how he would not be able to afford to go to college if EMA was cut. One man had a long conversation with us about how companies do everything to make a profit, and how much money they can make out of the Olympics. Everyone we spoke to fully supported our initiative to hold an Austerity Games inCardiffon Saturday.

Tomorrow we will take our campaign toCardiff, followed byNewporton Friday. We also urge everyone who is able to come to the Austerity Games inCardiffon Saturday, gather at 12noon at TK Maxx in the Hayes!