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London Housing Campaign Launch

Click here to download the leaflet for the London Youth Fight for Jobs Housing Campaign. London Housing Leaflet PDF

As young people we are suffering as a 

result of government cuts. We feel it in every aspect of our lives: access to education, or student debt; access to public services we need, such as health care; access to decent jobs, of course; and living costs such as food, transport, everything go up and up…the list goes on and on.

But when we look for somewhere to live we really feel it – and the Con-Dems’ plans could mean that our access to a home of our own is under serious threat – unless we fight back!

Rents in some London boroughs are skyrocketing because of the Olympics. House prices across the capital have bucked the national trend and continue to rise. But banks won’t look at young people when it comes to mortgages and most of us can’t rely on ‘bank of mum and dad’! And the onslaught on benefits means that support is crumbling…

The future we are looking at, if nothing is done to stop the Con-Dem axe, is one where young people face over-crowded, squalid housing and starvation rent levels or are forced out of London.

We are launching this campaign to bring together the forces that can prevent this nightmare scenario – young people and the trade unions.

See here for a sample of the leaflets and petitions we are using around the London universities. London Met. University Housing Leaflet London Met Housing Petition

The launch of the campaign takes place on the 17April 7.30pm at ULU, Malet Street (Near Euston Station). Campaign supported by Unite Housing Workers Branch 1111 and PCS London.

Click on the pages below to read them or download the linked leaflet at the top of this post.