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Lincoln says no to workfare

Primark, Burton and BHS where the targets of noisy protests against workfare this saturday

Primark, Burton and BHS where the targets of noisy protests against workfare this saturday. Lincoln Youth Fight for Jobs, organised a protest on the highstreet against the exploitation of young people and the unemployed. About 25 people waved placards and picketed these shops, which are at key points in the centre of lincoln, to demonstrate fierce opposition to these government schemes. The protest, supported and joined by local trade unionists, activists, unemployed people and students received support from passers by who agreed that these schemes are a sneaky form of slave labour and that the real answer to growing youth unemployment is to create decent permanent jobs with good conditions to get people into work. Even days before the protest we were receiving calls from the head office of HMV to ensure us that they had pulled out of the scheme and begged us not to protest there! On the morning of the demonstration we'd heard that Primark were so concerned about the effects of the coming protest that they had a full staff meeting in the morning and were planning to take legal action against us if we entered their store. This perfectly demonstrates the effect that workers and young people can have when they organise and protest. We collected details of lots of young people who are angry and want to get involved, and in Lincoln we're going to be continuing the action and building the fight back. We've got primark shaking in their 4 boots, now lets make the cabinet shake in their 400 boots!
Alex Moore Lincoln Youth Fight for Jobs