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Iain Duncan Smith sweeps aside the argument!


Ian Pattison, Youth Fight for Jobs, confronts IDS                               ŠPatricia Phillips

Iain Duncan Smith got a rough ride from Youth Fight for Jobs today both inside and outside Tottenham Town Hall.
Youth Fight for Jobs protesters joined the Boycott Workfare called protest to tackle Iain Duncan Smith on his controversial work programme.
Ian Pattison, YFFJ organiser, was pushed aside by Iain Duncan Smith whilst he questioned the cabinet minister on the scheme. Iain refused to respond to Ian's points about workfare instead pushing him out the way and loudly stating 'the work experience programme is brilliant!'.

[caption id="attachment_244" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="IDS pushes Ian Pattison YFFJ out the way Photo: rikki (indymedia)"][/caption]

Youth Fight for Jobs member Claire Laker-Mansfield then questioned Iain in the meeting he was attending when he controversially blamed young people in Tottenham for believing they don't have to travel to find work. Claire raised the fact that yes, there are 25 people looking for every available job in the borough, but the situation is similar everywhere. If young people leave Tottenham to find work they will come across areas where there is one vacancy for every five young people looking for work. The fact is that there aren't enough jobs. Claire challenged Iain and the Tories cuts agenda and the effects it's having in exacerbating unemployment but all Iain could reply was 'well I disagree with you'.