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Youth Fight for Jobs 'occupy against austerity'

On 11 July Youth Fight for Jobs held another 'Youth Fight Austerity' action. We took our tents and placards to Parliament Square in London to protest at what is a government declaration of war on young people. The occupation received publicity in both the Daily Mirror and the Observer newspapers. The Daily Mirror article has so far been shared 7,000 times, and we won 91% support in their online poll. The budget is an attempt to snatch our future and the grim outlook of increasing hardship for young people stands in stark contrast with Osborne’s treatment of the rich. We erected tents to highlight the devastating effects of housing benefit cuts on vulnerable young people. This was followed by speeches and a discussion of how to take the fight forward.

Youth Fight Austerity in the Daily Mirror & Observer newspapers

Youth Fight Austerity chants on the demo

Thanks to Mick Shanley for live streaming Saturday's protest - watch the video here

Speeches start at 12 minutes 44 seconds into the vidoe