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Stop the Tories' War on Youth - Protest, Occupy, Discuss! on Saturday 11th July

Stop Osborne's War on Youth - Protest, Occupy, Discuss!

The Tory budget saw vicious attacks on huge sections of society. One group particularly hard hit was young people. The abolition of student grants, attacks on our right to housing benefit and the news that under-25s will be excluded from the new so-called living wage, mean young people are facing an even more bleak and uncertain future. But Osborne’s cuts budget will not met without resistance.

On Saturday, Youth Fight Austerity is calling for working class and young people, trade unionists and community campaigners, to gather in parliament square again. This time we want to bring tents and ‘occupy against austerity’. Saturday's protest will be a great opportunity to discuss how we can defeat these callous cuts.

Let’s show Osborne that austerity Britain, just like austerity Greece, Spain or France, is ready to resist.

Saturday 11th July
Parliament Square

nearest tube Westminster

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