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Student Loan Company Boss – Super-rich Tax Dodger

Students are disgusted to discover that the head of the Student Loans Company, Ed Lester, despite being paid £182,000 a year has dodged paying tens of thousands of pounds worth of tax.

Every year, thousands of students face delays to their student loans. Ed Lester was hired by Tory education minister, David Willets, and let off his tax bill by Lib Dem Danny Alexander. What an insult when parents are struggling to help their families through university and so many students are forced to drop out of university because they can simply no longer afford it. David Willets and Danny Alexander are so convinced that the country is broke that they’re trebling tuition fees and bulldozing through massive cuts and privatisation, but let overpaid bureaucrats dodge their tax. Ed Lester enjoys a £550 weekly travel allowance when most young people can barely afford to travel to and from college.

HMRC, the tax office, approved Ed Lester cheating the system. HMRC are so easygoing for the super-rich, but when it comes to HMRC workers it’s a different story. HMRC are bringing in agency workers on the cheap, to undermine the pay and conditions of existing tax officers. HMRC have also instituted a policy that means you can get sacked for taking time off sick.

A super-rich clique is riding the gravy train at our expense, across universities. At LeedsUniversity, Tory stooge and Vice-Chancellor, Michael Arthur is pays himself over £200,000 a year, get free accommodation, and stays in 5 Star hotels when he’s swanning off with world leaders. At NottinghamUniversity, David Greenaway, pays himself £359,000 with a £40,000 pension. We need to get rid of these out of touch fat cats and their mates in the Con-Dem government. On Wednesday 14th March, thousands of students will walkout against the destruction of our education, and we should raise the hypocrisy and inequality of these attacks as loud as we can.

Ian Pattison, Youth Fight for Jobs