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Youth Fight for Jobs condemns new Tory workfare plans

Youth Fight for Jobs condemns new Tory workfare plans & benefit cuts for young people on Sky News

[caption id="attachment_1159" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Youth Fight for Jobs/Claire Laker-Mansfield on Sky News"]Youth Fight for Jobs/Claire Laker-Mansfield on Sky News[/caption]

The Youth Fight for Jobs campaign condemns Conservative plans to cut benefits and extend workfare for young people. The Tories would like to see thousands of 18-21 year olds stripped of the ability to claim JSA and forced to carry out 30 hours of unpaid work every week in exchange for a ‘youth allowance’. This is equivalent to a £1.91 hourly wage.

Claire Laker-Mansfield, from Youth Fight for Jobs, said:

“The Tories are attempting to shift blame away from their failed austerity policies, and onto young unemployed people who have done nothing wrong. The real problem is a lack of available jobs. There are currently around 4 people chasing every vacancy. Meanwhile, many of the jobs that are available offer only poverty pay and insecure zero-hour contracts.

Workfare will not solve unemployment – in fact, we believe it exacerbates the problem. Why employ someone in a permanent post with decent pay and proper contract, when you can get somebody from the Jobcentre to for work for free? Recent figures have shown more than 70% of those placed on the existing Work Programme remained out-of-work a year later.

Rather than creating real jobs for the next generation, the Tories have more of an eye on looking after the profits of their tax dodging donors. The government should be warned that it was policies like these that contributed to the rise of Syriza in Greece – a revolt against austerity”

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Tweets on our Sky News interview:

Stand Up Be Counted @SkySUBC

@youthfight4jobs says the PM should focus on creating more jobs to let young people live a "dignified existence"

 Ian Hodson @IanBFAWU
@helenpattison91@FastfoodRights@youthfight4jobs fantastic interview voice of ypung people so badly needed solidarity

 Hungry for Justice @FastfoodRights
@youthfight4jobs we think you are great you are doing a fantastic job in giving young people a voice solidarity #realjobs


 Martin Powell-Davies @MPDNUT
@SkySUBC@youthfight4jobs Refreshing change to hear the wealthy tax avoiders rightly getting the something-for-nothing label.

 Ian Hodson @IanBFAWU
@youthfight4jobs well done Claire for highlighting the exploitation of young people #TimeForChange



 Jessica Carpani @JessicaCarpani
Claire, I couldn't have said it better myself.

#AbsoluteJoke@youthfight4jobs "modern day slavery"


Stand Up Be Counted @SkySUBC

@youthfight4jobs says the PM should focus on creating more jobs to let young people live a "dignified existence"