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Reports of latest Fast Food Rights Day of Action


Protests were organised in 8 towns and cities across Yorkshire and  coincided with a day of strike action amongst fast food workers in the USA in their campaign for secure jobs, decent conditions and a $15 an hour minimum wage.Signing petition for an end to zero hour contracts at the Sheffield protest

Where we ran stalls, they were often mobbed by people agreeing with our demands to scrap zero hour contracts and to raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour.

5 local radio stations interviewed YFJ and BFAWU activists, whilst several local newspapers covered the protests in a number of towns and cities, including Huddersfield, Pontefract & York where the first ever Fast Food Rights protests were taking place.

In Grimsby, which also had it's first ever Fast Food Rights action, activists divided up and went in cars to leaflet outlying McDonald's stores, before heading back into the city centre to leaflet McDonald's there.

Sheffield Fast Food Rights activists report hearing several zero-hour horror stories including one lift engineer on a zero hour contract doing 60 hour weeks with no overtime, whilst a woman told them her son on a zero hour contract hadn't had any work in 4 weeks!

In cities where Fast Food Rights protests had taken place before, such as Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield, activists had several conversations with McDonald's staff, as well as other nearby fast food workplaces including KFC and Costa Coffee.

Ian Dalton Yorkshire YFJ


Today myself and two other comrades leafletted near the Brixton tube station. What has been a historically minority working class part of london is now seeing higher end stores move in but not seeing a paying wage that comes along with luxury. We went into several fast food restaurants including McDonald's and KFC. Several workers expressed interest in the moment for £10 an  minimum wage as well as fighting against zero our contracts. Our work continued as we went into several stores as well. A few employees at The Body Shop expressed interest and agreed that it is a good idea to have £10/hr wage. Walking around one of the stores we had gone into I could see several employees reading our leaflets. Getting the word out there and making workers aware that there is a group out there really fighting for their interests is the first step in building a mass movement.