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Dead end in Davos

Ian Pattison, Youth Fight for Jobs

So called world leaders are meeting in Davos this week, and it finally seems that youth unemployment is top of the agenda.

We know the plight of being out of work, we don't need super-rich politicians to lecture us about it. In Britain youth unemployment is a daily nightmare, and it's even worse in Greece and Spain. Today more young Spaniards are out of work (51.4%), than in a job.

EU leaders have said they might use 22 billion to tackle the crisis of rising youth unemployment. What are we going to get for our money? Tory chancellor George Osborne has called on other world leaders to create jobs to tackle youth unemployment. Osborne should look a little closer to home. When Chris Grayling, Tory 'unemployment' minister, wrote to Youth Fight for Jobs following the 330 mile Jarrow March to defend his government's failed policies, he couldn't point to 1 job his government had created.

These out of touch capitalist politicians are quite happy to cry crocodile tears about youth unemployment from the comfort of conference centres in Davos, but it is their failed cuts agenda that is slamming the door on our futures.

If Christine Lagarde, managing director for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), wants to kick-start growth to create jobs, why is the IMF demanding vicious programme after vicious programme of swinging privatisation in Greece, plunging the country deeper and deeper into recession?

Young people are not lazy, we want to work. But we can't wait for self-proclaimed big business elites; we have to fight to defend our futures now! It has been young working class people leading the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, the mass movements in Spain and Greece and occupying Wall Street in the USA.

Davos leaders have no solutions to the crisis of youth unemployment, because they are tied to the capitalist system. Capitalism protects the profits of the 1%, but its time is up. Nationalise the banks and big business, so that it's not left up to Osborne, Lagarde and their clique to dictate how wealth is distributed. Lets fight for a society of the 99% - a socialist future in Britain, Europe, and throughout the world.