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Bradford Fast Food Rights protest

McDonalds on Kirkgate was the target of the Bradford Fast Food Rights protest organised by Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) on Saturday 28th June. We leafletted outside the shop for around an hour, where we met a whole host of people interested in finding out more. One worker from a local restaurant took away recruitment forms for the rest of the staff at his workplace. On a number of occasions, people who took our leaflet turned around after reading the slogans 'For a living wage of 10 an hour' and 'Scrap Zero Hour Contracts' and indicated their support.

To round of the protest, Iain Dalton, Yorkshire YFJ Organiser, thanked everyone for attending and introduced Ian Hodson, National President of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) which has iniated the Fast Food Rights campaign. He pointed to the billions McDonalds earns every year, and the flights its laid on for top executives to go to the world cup, whilst keeping 90% of its workforce on zero hour contracts and only paying minimum wage. He reiterated the call for a 10 an hour minimum wage and urged people to join the campaign.

Bradford Youth Fight for Jobs