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No to Library 'youth deterrents'

By Gareth Bromhall, Carmarthen/Pembrokeshire Organiser and Youth organiser for the Llanelli and West Wales Branch.

Suffering from anxiety is difficult, even something simple like walking through the town can be difficult. But what makes things much worse is having to suffer the piercing sound of a mosquito audio device (weapon) that’s been installed outside the local library. I haven't been able to use the facility in months. This self-described ‘youth deterrent’ (its sound is only audible to those under the age of 25) has been on 24/7 and is causing myself, and many others, distress and in some cases ill health. This area of town is also home to the job centre and food bank, meaning users of both are also affected. I've not been well, but when the device meant I couldn't pick up my ‘book prescription’, I decided that we needed to do something about it. It started with a Facebook post and had now become a fully-fledged campaign with researchers, local charity endorsements and now a stand-off with the owners of the building. Youth Fight for Jobs is building a strong case for the removal of this audio-weapon, but, with actions and protests potentially taking place over the next few weeks, we will need all the help we can get to get there.