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YFJ condemns Labour's plans to scrap JSA for young people

Campaigners today condemned Labour’s announcement of its intention to cut benefits for 18-21 year olds saying it is another smack in the face for nearly one million young people struggling to find work.

Unemployed 19 year old Laurence Maples of Youth Fight for Jobs said

“Ed Miliband seems determined to show us that his party would rather create more food banks than more jobs. Just like the Tories, Labour is all too keen to place the blame for unemployment at the feet of those victim to it. Young people are not suffering from a lack of skill, talent or determination, we are suffering from a lack of jobs. Despite talking about the need for young people to obtain further training, this announcement did not come alongside any commitment to create decent apprenticeships, invest in further education or provide grants to help people afford to continue their studies. Labour pathetically attempting to out-Tory the Tories is the last thing we need.


If Miliband wants our votes he’ll have to do better than this!”

Laurence Maples is available for interview. Call 0208 558 7947 or 07757207289 for more information.