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1.16 Million NEETs - Youth Fight for Jobs says we demand a better future

1.16 Million NEETs - Youth Fight for Jobs says we demand a better future Paul Callanan, Youth Fight for Jobs, National Organiser says "Coming after last weeks youth unemployment statistics this is yet another depressing set of figures. Young people are being attacked from all quarters in order to pay for a crisis we didn't cause. This is demonstrated by Phillip Greene in comments he made on the Today Programme on Radio 4. In spite of the fact that his Arcadia Retail Group is still projected to rake in profits of between 140-150 million a year, the group still plans to close around 250 stores, putting possibly thousands out of work on the high street. Yet another indication that this is a crisis of the private, not the public, sector. This, combined with the effects of the cuts and education attacks, mean that this year could be a very lean Christmas for young people. "It all highlights the need to make November 30th a day of action against the government and bosses. Youth Fight for Jobs is mobilising young people to join public sector workers at picket lines and on protests. We need to build a movement that demands decent jobs on decent rates of pay. We need a programme of socially useful public works that can providejobs, training schemes and apprenticeships. If a company is failing then it should be nationalised to protect jobs. Ultimately we are being made to suffer as a resultof capitalism's crisis. We say that if this system can't afford to provide afuture for young people then we can't afford this system. And we will fight to change the system it provides for 99% of us not the 1%." Youth Fight for Jobs was launched on 2009 inresponse to rising levels of youth unemployment. We have recently completed the330 mile Jarrow March for Jobs. We were backed by the Unite, PCS, RMT, CWU,UCU, FBU, Bectu and TSSA trade unions.