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Students and unemployed will join 30 November strikes

Students and unemployed will join 30 November strikes Youth unemployment hits 1 million as biggest strikes since 1926 approach Jarrow Marcher, Ian Pattison said "I've just finished marching the 330 miles from Jarrow to London, because it's becoming increasingly difficult for young unemployed people like me to find work. I'll be supporting the strikes on November 30th, because ordinary public sector workers are being told they have to work untilthey're 68, work until they drop. If public sector workers are being forced towork until long after they want to retire, where will the jobs be for youngpeople that want to work in the public sector?" Youth Fight for Jobs national organiser, Paul Callanan said "We are ready for the fight of our lives. At the same time as public sector workers are striking in defence of pensions new figures show that we have now gone well beyond record numbers of unemployed young people. This shows that we are all facingthe same onslaught on our jobs, rights and living standards. "In October Youth Fight for Jobs recreated the 1936 Jarrow march to highlight this problem. Next we're going to make sure that the strikes on the 30th get widespread support from young people. We will make sure that students protestwith their teachers and lecturers, the unemployed with job centre advisors. We need to build a movement that combines the economic might of trade union movement and the energy and dynamism of young people. "We'vemarched for our future, now we'll strike for our future."